Sanctuary & TSWDB to Merge

Ok, I’ll admit off the bat the headline is misleading. I’d make a terrible tabloid writer but The Secret World Database announced this morning that The Sanctuary Network (the group behind the in-game chat channel for new players) would be moving its forums over to TSWDB’s in the near future.

Although there’s no fixed date at the moment, its not expected to be too far away. But what does this mean for TSWDB and Sanctuary users. Well for TSWDB users there will probably not be much change but for Sanctuary users there will be lots of QOL changes that will make things much easier when using the forums. Sanctuary is also archiving some of the more important posts (including RP posts) in it’s on Wiki so that new members will have easy access to the content.

So will the two groups be merged? Well no. But there’s a good chance that there will be more joint events (especially seasonal ones) which can only mean bigger and better prizes for us.

So overall a good thing.

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