A Calendar Like No Other

I have loads of calendars around my house but still never find the time to do anything. But thanks to DJ Psywarrior at Radio Free Gaia I’m more likely to pay attention to this calendar then most.

Towards the end of last year, Psywarrior put out a call asking for models for a TSW calendar and the community didn’t disappoint. Working with Elana Halls and Bryn “Chroi” Athaisce to get the pictures, she has created an amazing calendar full of beautiful shots of players from all across The Secret World.

You can pick up a copy directly from the Radio Free Gaia site for the low low price of free and don’t forget to thank Psywarrior for the hard work.

You can always tune into Radio Free Gaia here and don’t forget to check out DJ Psywarrior’s events on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings.

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Tomium is up to Something

In all fairness Tomium is usually up to something. It’s one of the reasons he ends up getting the blame for things, even when he’s not there. But this time he’s cooking up something up massive.


In a recent post on The Secret World Forums, he asked for Cabals and Groups to contact him with a list of prizes that they would be willing to offer. In his post he says he can’t go into details about the contest at the moment but Funcom want to make it epic.

MassivelyOP picked up on the post and had a little more information. By the looks of things this event will be running for a while and looks to encompass every aspect of TSW from RP to PvP and everything in between. A secret forum has even been set up for when the time comes.

The deadline has passed for sign ups but that doesn’t mean people wont be able to take part in the event when it starts.

So what prizes have been donated and how exactly will the event unfold? Only Tomium knows and he’s keeping tight-lipped about it. But if his previous activities on the forums are any indications you can expect it to be entertaining and well worth looking into.

I’ll update the story when new information becomes available but in the meantime it may be worth keeping an eye on the Forums and Tomium’s Twitter. He may let something slip.

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