Update 1.11 is Live. 

Version 1.11 has hit live. Full notes can be found here

There’s plenty of QOL changes, including the new fast travel system, new vendors and enhanced maps. I’ll take a closer look at the content when I’ve had a chance to have some time with it.

In the meantime let me know what you think.

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Beyond The Veil Interviews Joel Bylos

With the recent announcement that Joel will be leaving The Secret World, there have been a lot of questions that people want to ask him. So to help set the record straight Joel is doing an interview with the crew over at Beyond The Veil as part of their weekly live stream on the 12th March 2015.

If you can’t make the live show, don’t panic. They’re accepting questions over on The Secret World forums. While they may not have time to ask them all it’s certainly worth posting yours as this may be one of the last times we see Joel in his current role.


Not sure who Beyond The Veil are? They’re a weekly talk show by Holosuite Media which has been around as long as The Secret World itself. Hosted by a crew of players from all aspects of the community they discuss all that The Secret World has to offer. They record a weekly live show on Twitch every Thursday at 7pm EST. If you can’t make the live show then you can always catch up with the remastered audio editions from your favorite podcast provider.

One thing is sure with Beyond The Veil. Hilarity always ensues and with Joel on board this week expect it in spades.

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The Enhanced Player Experience To Roll out Today?

The rumor mill has been working overtime since the last Game Developer’s letter was posted. From what Joel’s next big job is to what the Enhanced Player Experience contains. But with yesterday’s announcement of a server update rumor quickly began to spread.

Many believe that the Enhanced Player Experience (or at least parts of it) will hit the live server today after the server update. Although this may seem to fly against Joel’s GD letter where he called for people to try it out on Test Live, people have pointed out that while this may have been true when it was written, the GD letter’s often take a while after leaving Joel’s desk before being published during which time things change.

So will there be an update to the game today or not? Well, until after the Server Update we won’t actually know for sure as there hasn’t been any official word. It may be just the first section of the roll out and the not the entire Enhanced Player Experience in its entirety. Only time will tell.

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