Otters to question Tilty

What do you get when you cross a group of otters with a t-rex? A fun and exciting live stream. Jennet and the Otterdown crew are already well-known for their live streams, which often include many humorous way for Jennet to die. And now thanks to Tilty they’re going to bring you their usual brand of fun while asking him the questions you want to see answered.


So when will this be taking place?  Saturday 14th at 1pm EDT over on the Otterdown Twitch channel. There’s still time to get your questions in by heading over to the forums


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1.11 An Update of Two Halves

Update 1.11 has been live for a few days now and it has certainly raised a few eyebrows. It has brought the Enhanced Player Experience to the live servers as well as a myriad of quality of life changes but it also brought changes to skills, relocation of many nightmare areas that were used for AP and Signet farming and an overall reduction in enemy health in the general playfields. But what does it mean for old and new players alike?

First and foremost, The Enhanced Player Experience has completely changed the way that players approach the game. The players are now given clearer information about skills and weapons and aren’t allowed to leave the training room until they have chosen two weapons. In the past many players were surprised to learn that they could actually use two weapons. The starter decks have also been upgraded to use passives from other skill trees to help players see that they aren’t restricted to passives from the weapons they are currently using. Items from the main mission rewards are also now all of the same type so people will avoid hindering themselves by equipping healing gear because “it has the most stats”. Hopefully these changes will help newer players to learn how to use skills and create decks early on allowing for players to remain in the game for longer instead of quitting because it “got too hard” or “I hit a brick wall”

In addition to the Enhanced Player Experience there were many Quality of Life updates. Among the more notable were improved maps, a fast travel system which replaces /reset, new vendors of food and clothing as well as improved effects on some of the skills.

It makes for a much more polished game and overall will help present TSW in a good light to new players.Issue10_2

So where has all the controversy come from? The Enhanced Player Experience has also seen many of the monsters in the general playfields have their health lowered significantly. This is a good thing for newer players who will find it much easier to get into the game and experience the story but for more experienced players it feels like the combat has been made a little too easy. The nightmare areas have also been relocated in many playfields which means that some of the more popular spots for farming AP and signet are now no longer viable.

The other major issue that has been raised has been the “AOE Nurf”. AOE’s now do considerably less damage against multiple targets. With single target attacks being the more powerful. It may sound odd to people who haven’t played the game but for sometime AOE attacks have been as viable (if not more so) than single target attacks when used against a single enemy. When asked about this change Joel Bylos and Tilty both explained that the AOE was never supposed to be as overpowered as it was. Single target attacks were always supposed to be preferable when facing a lone enemy however many players had just resorted to using an AOE regardless of the situation. The Nurf has addressed that.

There are other pros and cons to the latest update but given the length of the patch notes it’s difficult to cover them all. Tilty has said that this is just part of a number of changes to skills and the Enhanced Player Experience that they plan to bring in which may help to balance things out.

Over all the pros outweigh the cons  for me. More new and returning players is always a good thing and if we can help to keep them here then it’s even better.

For a full list of changes you can read the full list of patch notes here

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