The Station Master Needs Our Help

A recent post on the Official TSW Forums by TheConductor has led to a lot of speculation.

We all know The Conductor as the old-fashioned gentleman who welcomes us to Agartha but it seems he needs our help after receiving a strange message and a set of numbers.


It seems an ARG is afoot. So far players have tried everything from calling telephone numbers in Canada to checking in-game key codes as well as attempting to talk to The Conductor directly in-game but it seems that at the time of writing there’s still some disagreement about what the audio message is referring to and what the numbers actually mean.

One thing is for certain though. This is an official ARG and not fan made as the original post has a background that is usually reserved for Moderators or Developers meaning that someone at Funcom is behind this.

Who is behind this and where will the story take us? Only time will tell. For now check out the post on the forum here and I’ll update you if there are any developments.

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Templar Social Mixer

Theres a strong RP community in TSW and they love to get together and have a good party.

Last month The Dragon celebrated Chinese New Year in The Coils exclusively for Dragon members followed by a celebration for all factions.


This time the Templar are having a social mixer in the Temple Club tonight at 8pm.

It’s a great chance to meet up with fellow Templar RPers in a relaxed atmosphere. For more details check out the Official TSW Forums

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