Another Developer Steps Forward To Answer Questions in The ArchiTexts

The TSW community is always looking for more insight on the development process. And the nice people at Funcom are more than happy to provide it (some insight more willingly than others).

The latest developer to be thrown under the bus, sorry I mean to willingly field questions from the community is Drivek. Drivek is the project manager who is responsible for seeing that all the art, monsters and set pieces fit within the general feel of the game.

So now is your chance to ask to the burning questions about your favourite monsters or a piece of art you have seen that maybe never made it into the final game.

Head over to the official forums now, but be quick. The thread for questions closes tomorrow at 5pm EST. There’s already some great questions but only the top 10 will get picked.

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Another Note From the Friendly Conductor. 

Its been a couple of days since TheConductor posted on the official Secret World forums asking for our help.

Well it seems that he’s decided we’re running late and has made a new forum post with a little bit more information and some more cryptic clues.

What do they mean? What is it all leading to? If you pop on by the forums and help unravel the mystery than maybe we’ll find out sooner rather than later.

You can visit the forums here and as usual I’ll keep you updated if there’s any developments.

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