New Teaser Image Brings Old Faces To Tokyo

Yesterday Tilty the lead designer for The Secret world posted a pretty neat piece of artwork on his freshly opened Twitter account that was quickly picked up by the Official Funcom account.


As you can see the familiar trio of Alex McCall, Rose White and Mei Ling from the Tokyo flashback and the New York raid make an appearance. So will they finally get out of the subway and get to explore Tokyo with us (do they even want to)? And exactly how will they appear? Titly himself points out it’s just a spoiler so I doubt we’ll be getting any answers in the near future but in the meantime it’s still a pretty nice piece of artwork to keep us going.

Don’t forget you can always follow the Official Secret World Twitter account here as well as Tilty here (in case he lets anything else slip). And don’t forget to follow The Secret Podcast while you’re at it for the latest Secret World news.

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