Are you TSW? A new Competition and a brand new hashtag.

Just when today couldn’t get hectic enough it seems that The Secret World is set to get a little less secret with its new competition.

Tomium cryptically tweeted “Hmmmm THIS COULD BE INTERESTING…….” Followed by a link to a new section of the Official Forums named #IAMTSW Contest.

So what is this #IAMTSW all about? Well Tomium puts it best himself in the What is #IAMTSW? Post.

“#IAMTSW is not just a hashtag. It’s a statement. You are telling the world that you are The Secret World. You are the community that supports this game and company. You don’t back down from a challenge.”


And the challenge is set to be big. Very big. With over 35 groups and Cabals coming forward to offer prizes as well as Funcom themselves there’s plenty of chances to win. A full list of the prizes can be found on the prize page.

So what’s the first competition? Following on from The Conductor’s messages, the first round is an audio contest. Players are asked to come up with a recording that explains why they are TSW. Having already seen some of the amazing work that the community has created I’m looking forward to seeing what they put together. You can find out more information here.

So I guess there’s only one thing left to say…

#IAMTSW are you?

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Issue 11 Announced Alongside The Fall of Tokyo Bundle

Just as we had finished solving the mystery behind The Conductor’s messages (more about that in a later post) Funcom drops an unexpected bomb on us.


The Fall of Tokyo pack includes Issues 9, 10 and the upcoming Issue 11 as well as the two sets of side stories that accompany the Tokyo playfield. To make the whole thing even better if you don’t own Tokyo (or only own parts of it) the whole bundle is being sold at just $29.99 with a reduction of $10 is you already own Issue 9. It’s amazing value given the amount of content that Tokyo contains. Oh and if you already own issues 9 and 10 or you buy the bundle you’ll get a Orochi Pilot Jumpsuit too.


So when is Issue 11 coming out? Well “coming this April” was what the article read. I know it’s not a fixed date as such but it’s still a lot closer than we had been given to believe. Especially given the answers that Tilty and Joel gave to Beyond the Veil when they were asked how long people would have to wait before Issue 10 would land.

Expect a lot of speculation in the coming weeks and don’t be surprised if Sezmra’s new monthly update has some exciting new updates.

You can read the whole official announcement here

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#IWANTTSW A New Hashtag is born

The Conductor has been getting very active recently with his messages from Agartha but it seems like he may not be the only person wanting to get in touch with the outside world. The Official Secret World account has been handing out free 30 day trials (with added bonus points) for new players as forum users dig deeper and deeper into the mysterious messages.


With the Enhanced Player Experience having just gone live it’s not a surprise to see a bit of a push from Funcom to try to drum up new business but is this the start of something bigger? The current buzz on the forums seems to lean towards one of two theories about the conductor’s messages. The first is that it’s an announcement about Issue 11 (although this seems unlikely given that the content isn’t even on the test servers yet). The second, more plausible theory, suggests that it may be something to do with the mysterious call for prize donations from community moderator Tomium earlier this month and the possible events surrounding them.

At the moment we don’t know what will happen but if you’ve got a friend who wants to play The Secret World it may be worth getting them to watch the #IWANTTSW hashtag.

Of course you could always give them a buddy key and I’ve still got plenty left to spare if anyone misses out on the #IWANTTSW goings on but they’re only seven days and don’t come with bonus points.

Whatever happens keep an eye on the social network of your choice and don’t forget to check back here for more updates.

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