A New Bundle From Funcom Helps New Players Get Caught Up.

With the Enhanced Player Experience fully underway there have been plenty of new players. So how do you help keep all these new players in the game? Why you offer them a great deal on the DLC that’s already available of course.


And now the offer has been extended to all players. Now if you’re missing out on Issues 5, 6, 7 or 8 you can get your hands on them all for just $19.99 or £16.99 until the end of March. Given that issues themselves cost around $10 this is a great deal and a great way to get ahead.

Just head to your account page and select Special Offers and Upgrades and there you’ll find this and The Fall of Tokyo bundle.

So get ready to follow Tyler Freeborn, time travel in Egypt and drive a snowmobile in Transylvania, you’re in for a action packed time.

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The #IAMTSW Audio Round is Live

The mysterious messages from TheConductor, the hashtags. They’ve been leading up to this.

The big contest is now live. And in the first round you’ve got a fortnight to record your love for The Secret World for all the world to hear. With the prizes on offer its certainly worth getting on board.

Radio Free Gaia, Omne Datum Optimum and Gridstream Productions are all sponsoring this rounds prizes as well as Funcom itself. Ever wanted a portrait of your character specially commissioned? A date with the infamous Lady-Pyre or maybe your very own advert on Gridstream. If you are one of the winners these are just some of the amazing prizes that are on offer. Check out the prize listing here for full details.

So what are you waiting for? If ever there was a time to tell the world about your love of TSW its now. Check out the entries as they pour in over at the forums here.

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