Time to Choose the Questions for Drivek in The ArchiTexts Developer Questions

The ArchiTexts Developer Questions is a fairly new initiative which sees developers from all areas of The Secret World come forward and face a grilling answer questions from the community. The latest developer is Drivek who’s job is to make sure that art design (like monsters and playfields) fit within the overall atmosphere of the game.


There are some great questions (my favourite is the one about the velocity of an unladen Flappy) but only the ones with the most votes will get asked. So if you truly want to know what the airspeed of an unladen Flappy is than you’ll need to head over to the forums right away.

The poll is only open until Thursday 26th at 5PM EST so there’s not much chance.

(Of course we all know that the speed of the Flappy depends on if it’s an African or European Flappy 😉 )

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Fancy a Cookie? Sezmra and Tomium Talk to Beyond the Veil

Everyone loves cookies right? Even the Hawk in all it’s majesty can’t help but have a nibble…

Well if you want to get your questions answered by TSW Community Managers Sezmra and Tomium then this weeks Beyond the Veil is the place for you.


As usual they’ll be broadcasting live from The Secret World on Twitch here from 7pm EST

If you’ve got a burning question that you’ve ever wanted to ask the community managers then now is your chance.

And don’t worry if you’re not able to make the live show. There’s always the remastered version available a few days later on the Holosuite Media website and you’re favourite podcast site.

So what questions will you be asking the Hawk and the Queen of Cookies?

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