Help Test Out PvP Changes on TestLive

Normally I stick to the rule of “What happens on TestLive stays on TestLive” but when the Official Funcom account tweets TL news I guess it’s fair game.

Over on TL they are always tweaking and fiddling with things in the background to help make sure that the live game runs smoothly. A lot of the changes aren’t that spectacular. In fact if a lot of them are so small that you would hardly notice them if you didn’t read through the patch notes that accompany each update.


So why am I suddenly breaking my TL vow of silence? Well This Monday at around 5PM GMT to 7PM GMT (1PM EDT to 3PM EDT) Funcom are having a special PvP event to make sure that some of the upcoming changes don’t have a detrimental effect on the PvP community and they need your to help them test it.

The TestLive Servers are available to Grandmasters and anyone with an active subscription and more information about the event can be found here (you may need to log in using your normal forum details). For information on how to access the the servers and general FAQs head to the handy guide from Psygnosis here.

And as an added bonus anyone who takes part in the testing will get a vanity item for their character on the Live servers. Because while it’s nice to have the warm and fuzzy feeling of helping to make the game better it’s even better to get something shiny to show for it 😀

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