Updated Item Store and New Veteran Items

The team at Funcom have been very busy recently and today they unleashed their latest handy-work upon The Secret World community.


The Item Store has seen a bit of a reworking including improved search functions and better menus (all clothing is under the sections you’d find it in your wardrobe for example).

However that’s not all. Players have often requested that Items of the Month be made available for those that may have missed them. With this update a large batch of new re-skinned items have been made available to anyone who has enough Veteran Points. With Backpacks in a variety of colours and sizes as well as ski masks and ear pieces (to name just a few) it’s certainly worth taking a look at the new items.

Hopefully this is the start of a new trend of Store Updates. So head to the store and spend some of those VPs you’ve been clinging onto. Even if you can’t get in-game right now head here to log-in to the web store.

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