The Next #IAMTSW Round is Announced and it’s Big

So far we’ve had an audio round and a screenshot round in the #IAMTSW contest. So everyone was intrigued to know what round three was going to be. Yesterday Tomium made the announcement we’d all been waiting for.


Next week’s contest will be a Cosplay contest. That’s right. It’s time to dust off your old wardrobe and get ready with the camera because TSW want’s to see you dressing up as your favourite characters from the game.

As usual there’s some great prizes on offer with a selection of Valentines Day rewards and a full set of Corrupted SD cards from Vomher’s Volery, Halloween and Christmas clothing from Storage XYZ and a mug/glass or tee with the logo of your choice from The Stormchaser own store. Not to mention a variety of signets and Funcom’s prizes.

You can find out more details about the prizes here and information about how to take part here. But before you get ahead of yourselves don’t forget the contest doesn’t start until Monday the 6th April.

I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with. Now where did I put my blood covered tee-shirt?

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