Believe in your History

The Screenshot round is in full flow and the Cosplay round is heating up (there are some amazing entries you really should check it out). So what is coming next week? Thankfully we don’t have to wait long for an answer as Tomium has unlocked the newest section of the #IAMTSW forums for all to see.


The Backstory round is certainly one for the Role Players out there and gives players the chance to share some of the amazing character histories they have created with the TSW community.

As usual there are some great prizes on offer and this time the RPers will want to take note…

The Horsemen Resources are offering a tee shirt, mug or glass featuring one of their custom designs.

Panopticon is offering to promote your account over Twitter as well as advertising of a RP event of your choosing over their social media.

Cerberus Solutions is offering Photoshopped icons and logo, an IC party (up to three hours), a custom email address (so you can have info@yourcabal.co), a custom wordpress or enjinn design for your cabals site and two AP or Signet runs of your choice.

-Legacy- is offering the collectors edition of issue 9, The collectors edition of issue 10 (via steam) and a full set of TSW Steam goodies including backgrounds, trading cards and emoticons.

That’s quite a selection and all for sharing your character’s history.

You can find more information about The Backstory Contest and prizes here so don’t forget to enter when it goes live on Monday the 13th April.

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TSW for a Haiku

Tomium has been at it again. The hakward community manager reached out to the Twitterverse earlier today to ask what would be a good way to give away a copy of the game.

There were some good suggestions but for some reason our suggestion of a TSW themed Hiku seemed to be the most amusing (sorry) and a little while ago Tomium Tweeted this:

So if you have a friend who has always wanted to get into the game but for some reason hasn’t had a chance to buy it yet then retweet Tomium, forward this article and for the love of Gaia make sure you actually know what a Haiku is (I know it’s a Japanese poem and syllables are involved but I never quite understood how to write one 😛 )

Good luck and we look forward to reading some of the entieres and welcoming you to The Secret World.

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As One Round Closes Another Round Opens It’s Doors

It seems like only yesterday that #IAMTSW was first announced. With cryptic messages from TheConductor and then eventually the announcement of the Audio Round. Actually it was two weeks ago and sadly the Audio round has shut it’s doors to new entries. The judges have a tough job ahead. I honestly don’t envy them with some amazing snippets of audio from the community from truly moving tales, hilariously funny entries and some great reviews about the game. There is a bit of everything. Good luck to everyone who’s taken part.


But don’t worry, #IAMTSW is not over by a long stretch. The Screenshot contest still has a week for you to get your shots in and today the Cosplay contest went live. There’s information on each of the contests over at the official forums here

After seeing what the community has put together so far I’m really looking forward to looking at some of the Cosplay entries. I have an idea for mine… Now where did I leave my blood stained Tee?

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Minor Changes To the Account Management Page.

The Item Store wasn’t the only thing to get an upgrade recently. In case you haven’t checked out the Account Management Page you can now find a list of all the Issues that you own as well as which version of the game that you have.


While this may seem like a no brainer from Funcom, you’d be surprised how many times people pop into the official Forums asking how they can find out which issues they own (especially as the prices can very depending on the type of subscription you have). 

Having this information available in one place makes it a lot simpler. Now all we need is an itemised list of purchases… 

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