Sezmra offers Tee-shirts with her 2000th Tweet

Community Moderator and queen of cookies has been supiciously quiet on Twitter of late. But it seems there has been good reason. After much baiting from Tomium yesterday she announced that there was a #IAMTSW Tee-shirt

And Tomium quickly channeled his inner Oprah tweeting this

Confirming that anyone who takes part in the contest (even if they don’t win) will get their hands on the amazing tee-shirt. 

So if the prizes weren’t a big enough incentive that shiny tee shirt sure as well should be. Get writing, sowing, screenshotting and whatever else that Funcom’s twisted minds send our way because if there’s one thing TSW does well it’s overcome all obstacles in order to get in-game clothing! 

Also Congratulations to Sezmra on her 2000th Tweet. We imagine there was cookies involved.

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