Sezmra’s Monthly Update Arrives, And there’s Cookies

Since Joel’s departure we’ve all wondered what goodies Sezmra would bring to the table in her monthly update and today she finally revealed what she has been keeping in her cookie jar.

But not before taking a look at some of the current goings on in TSW. The Enhanced Player Experience has been live for a bit now and it’s still getting some great feedback. New and returning players seem to be benefiting the most.

The #IAMTSW contest gets a mention (as it should with the amazing work that has been going into it from the community).

The Golden Weekend and similar events are discussed including a mention of a way of getting older pets as newer ones are brought out for the same event at lower prices (which could bring up some interesting discussions for those who killed over 80 Golems to get the latest pet).

And of course it wouldn’t be an update without a interesting tease. In this case information about Issue 11 and the makeup of the Orochi Tower. As well as this interesting little image…



You can read the full letter here and needless to say there’s going to be a lot of interesting discussion on the Official Forums here

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