Artisans of TSW the next #IAMTSW is for you

It’s Thursday and a new #IAMTSW round has been revealed.

The next round starts on Monday and is called The Hand Crafted Round. This is for the artists, the sculpture and the people who (unlike me) can create amazing works of art from a blank canvas.

To enter you have to create something TSW related by your own hands and post a link to a picture of it. From a Ur-Draug made of wood to a little baby Ak’ab from paper mache. As long as you have made it, it’s fair game.


As always there’s a wide range of prizes to accompany Funcoms usual offering.

Creed is offering a carry through of both the NY raid and a chance to get the Master Planner Curio as well as other prizes.

The League of Monster Slayers are also offering a carry through for the Master Planner Curio as well as a carved Ur-Draug doll mailed to the winner

Blue Sun Initiative are offering a Nuclear Mistress Gag Gift a Personalized 4k framed image of TSW location or character, Delivering Ritual: A Shade of Dream and a Crusades Entry Ticket

Full info on the contest can be found here.

I look forward to seeing what people create. Sadly I know this is one round I won’t be able to participate in.

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New Power Weekend

Hot off the heals of The Golden Weekend today Funcom announced a Power Weekend.


It’s a great chance to help boost your character as you progress through TSW. Each weekend has had different buffs and this weekend is no different.

Extra Black Bullion: Each time you gain a Black Bullion (including from Deep Mystery Boxes) you’ll get another one free.

50% Extra Marks of Venice: When taking part in PvP you’ll gain 50% extra (with Fusang reward marks more often and the cap on White Marks being increased by 50%)

50% More AEGIS EXP: When you loot AEGIS EXP in Tokyo you’ll get 50% more this weekend.

But to add to all the boosts there is a free month of membership being offered for each person you recruit using a buddy key. Everyone has been given an extra 10 buddy keys to help get the ball rolling.

So time to get your weapons off the shelf and get into the secret war. Your faction needs you.

Full information about the Power Weekend can be found here.

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