#IAMTSW and I Am PvP

Ok, technically only the first part of that headline is true, #IAMTSW and I suck at PvP doesn’t really have the same ring to it.



The new round round which begins on the 27th of April is a chance for PvP players to show off their love of the organised chaos that is PvP.

Called the PvP Montage Round you’re tasked with recording a three minute montage video showing off your best kills, your build and generally why you love PvP. If you don’t have access to video editing software, don’t worry you can enter up to three screenshots and a 400 word essay instead,

As always Funcom is giving away prizes including a custom in game tee, a limited edition TSW Shot glass and the coveted TSW dogtags.

This round also sees Vigiles Nocturni step forward with a master planner of your choice, 5 autographed cards of their guild mascot and 7460 Taco (more then enough for a nice hat 😉 )

Nine Swords are offering 24 Lair bosses with the 9swords Kill Team.

CZSK is offering an Undying Augment Resonator, a Mercurial Augment Resonator, a purple Signet of Violence, 20, 000, 000 Pax and a Quetzal Bird.

TSWDB is offering a custom build by Ciritty, the chance to become an honorary TSWDB member, a TSWDB title and Website/Photoshop assistance from Vikestart.

The round runs opens Monday the 27th of April and lasts until the 11th of May. That should be plenty of time for me to learn how to PvP… Right?

You can find all the information here


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