Issue 11 Gets A Release Date

Following many days of teasing Funcom announced a release date. But not before one final tease.

Earlier today Funcom Tweeted


Which led people to piece together what appeared to be the finished artwork for Issue 11.

Needless to say people became concerned about the word soon™. Later on that evening Tilty decided it was time to officially announce Issue 11 and tweeted this:


May 6th will see the conclusion of the first “season” of The Secret World. Despite previously announcing April as the release date it seems a few extra days to add a final polish are needed to help tidy up the Orochi Tower. And while many may be disappointed about the delay, given the complexity of the Tower a little extra time could go a long way to making sure that we have a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

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All The #IAMTSW Cosplay Winners in One Place

Another round has come to a close and this time we saw people digging deep into their wardrobes to bring us filth kittens, agents of all factions and some quite horrific monsters.

But only four could win. And here they are all in one place for you.

Nysha won the Funcom prize with this brilliant shot. The fire is an awesome touch.



Winning the prize for Vomher’s Volery was Scrula with his amazing shot. A lot of work has obviously gone into this outfit.



Storage XYZ chose this astounding Dragon entry from Timaios as their winner and rightly so. The detail in there is quite something.



Rounding up the winners was Jeeva who won  The Stormchasers prize with a CDC officer and their dog.



Congratulations to all winners and to all who were brave enough to take part. There were some truly amazing entries, this one must have been a tough one to judge.


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