Episode 4: The Unspoken Birthday Episode

This week we recorded on Auroris’s Birthday and I completely forgot to embarrass him. Instead I end up embarressing myself (I added just one of the many takes at the end of the show). Oh well there’s always next year.


#IAMTSW Cosplay Winners here

#IAMTSW History Round coming to a close on Monday 27th more information here

#IAMTSW Handcrafted Round still ongoing. More information here

#IAMTSW PvP Montage Round announced. Full information here

Issue 11 is announced but not before Funcom winds us up a little. You can read the full article here


MNRP info here

TICM info here

Sanctuary AMA with Glaucon on the Sanctuary Forums on May the 4th more information here

Radio Free Gaia here

Gridstream Productions here

Otterdown streams live here and you can find their site here (Also not included in the show a date has been confirmed for Cards Against Humanity with Auroris on 2nd May at 2:00 pm Eastern)

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