Epic Tales of Uncertainty: Templar’s Trousers

Do you remember those choose your own adventure books? You know the ones that you always used to cheat on by keeping your finger on the previous page just in case anything went wrong…. (come on you all did it 😉 )


Well the forums have followed the tales of an unfortunate Illuminati who tried to pose as a Templar and a Dragon who thought he could outwit Mr. Coventry. Now it’s time for the Templar’s to take centre stage.

And this time there’s a special guest writer (not that the previous stories which were written by Tomium weren’t amazing I should add).

Psygnosis has decided to give us a new tale and it looks like we’re going heading undercover.

You can read the first part of the story here and vote on which option you think is best too while you’re there. You have until the 5th of May and depending on how the community votes depends on how the next section of the story plays out. It’s good fun and well worth a read.

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