The Backstory Round Winners Announced

Once again it’s that time of the week. Sadly another round has come to a close, the competition has been fierce but today the Backstory Round winners were announced.


With so many entries it’s no surprise that it’s taken so long for the judges to reach a decision. I don’t envy them or the people who had to condense their whole character’s life story into such a small document. But somehow everyone managed to do it and almost nobody got hurt in the process. 😉

Due to the size of each entry I’m going to link directly to each winners post on the forums unlike previous rounds where I’ve posted images here.

Sharanowski won the Funcom prize with her diary entry which you can find here

The Horseman Resources chose Frod54 who told us about his time with the Templars. You can find his entry here

Panopticon went for  DesolateDolly who takes us on a trip to the morgue. You can read it here

Cerberus Solutions picked Evenhand who has a letter from KG herself here

-Legacy- chose MKUltra reminisces about their apartment and some very fuzzy memories. You can read it here

Congratulations to all the winners and if you want to read more of the entries the team over at TSW-RP have put all the entries into one document for easy reading here


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New Item of the Month: Bringing a New Meaning to the Term Light Footed

It’s the first of the month and for all of you who are subscribed (or Grandmasters) that can only mean one thing. It’s time to grab the new Item of the Month.

Screenshot 2015-05-01 16.44.34

This month we get some new shoes to add to our collection. But don’t worry, these aren’t just any shoes. They have a purple glow to them to make sure that the Filth can see you even in the darkest depths of Tokyo.

You can get them now by logging into the game and going to the Claim Items Tab. Not in-game? Don’t worry you can access the store online and the shoes will be waiting for you when you *ahem* Boot Up the game. Just head here and log in then follow the same steps you would in-game.

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It’s Time For A Party In The Next #IAMTSW Round

One thing The Secret World does well is huge events and parties. With regular shows by DJ’s and Golems everywhere there is always something to do in TSW.

So the next round of #IAMTSW gives everyone the chance to show off their favourite moments with the community.


This round asks for three minutes of video with commentary or up to five pictures with 400 words about your favourite event or party experiences.

As always there is plenty on offer in terms of prizes. Funcom is stepping forward with their prizes but we also have four cabals sponsoring this round.

The Deadly Gamers are offering all the rituals for boss, regional boss and world boss (8+3+1 different rituals for lairs), 25 bags of blue signets, One french cheese, 50 Bags of Ethereal Gambi and One group for the MasterPlanner of all the NM.

Otterdown are offering  two $30 WeLoveFine gift certificates, Group Elite Scenario Run (all 3) – All Loot To Winner, Group Nightmare Scenario Run (all 3) – All Loot To Winner Nightmare 24s Run (Polaris, Hell Raised, Darkness War, Hell Eternal) – All Loot To Winner

The Illumination are offering A set of blue aux signets (Tune, Agur, Binding, Charge, Mod and Overdrive) + Purple Signet of Breaching + A picture of really cute cats, an Ockham’s Razor coupon + Makeup (Cupid’s Kiss, Tri-Heart, Love Bite, Valentine’s Mark and Spider’s web, A Bunch of clothing and other effects (for the fashionista and RP-player!), Delivering Ritual: A Shade of Dream, A set of SD cards and join them in opening TWO PARTY BAGS, a photoshoot and Drinking Dungeon Run – run through Elite or NM on TS, while drinking ethyl alcohol, or water – your call!

And Odo Obscurs are offering a mug or Tee-shirt from their store here

The contest opens on the 4th of May and runs through until the 18th. You can find out more about the contest here

So if you haven’t had a chance to get into the party spirit now is the perfect opportunity.


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