The Secret Podcast: Musical Musings

This week we get a theme tune, we discuss the #IAMTSW contest, the colour of magic and the artificial intelligence.


Item Of The Month more info here

Issue 11 is just days away. If you haven’t already got issues 9 and 10 you can get a great price on the Fall of Tokyo Bundle which also includes Issue 11. You can find it in your account page here under upgrades

#IAMTSW PvP round now the Combat Round. Details here

#IAMTSW Backstory winners and Google Doc here here

#IAMTSW Handcrafted Round closes Monday 5th more info here

#IAMTSW The Event You Remember Round announced. Details here


PvP Bootcamp. More info here

Radio free Gaia here

Gridstream Productions here

Otterdown here Cards Against Humanity 7PM GMT Live on Twitch (NSFW or ANYONE!) here

MNRP info here

TICM info here

Sanctuary AMA with Glaucon Monday 4th of May 7pm GMT here

Thanks to Funcom for permission to use the Troubled Times by Simon Poole and Marc Canham from The Secret World Soundtrack.

You can download the show here

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