#IAMTSW Handcrafted Winners Announced

This community never ceases to amaze me. From figurines to boardgames and handcrafted jewelry. The Handcrafted round brought us some real gems.


The winners were well deserved though. Funcom chose this amazing hand crafted Filth Guardian by Lariane. You can see a full set of pictures here



The Blue Sun initiative chose DavFlamerock who created a set of cards one for each Ability.


The League of Monster Slayers chose Vilain who brought home the horrors of Tokyo with an amazing picture.



And Creed went with Cicileus who brought us a brilliant Elemental Focus.



Our congratulations to the winners and to everyone who took part. I eagerly look forward to The Secret World Board Game 😉

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The Final #IAMTSW Round and It’s All About You.

It seems like only yesterday since we were first trying to make sense of mysterious messages provided by TheConductor. Messages which led us to uncover the #IAMTSW contest and hints about what we could expect along the way.

Time has flown by and already the final round has been announced.


Called The “I AM” Round players are tasked with providing three minutes of footage showing why they are TSW. From a Twitch Stream to a song you made or something more you it’s your time to shine and really show the world why you love the game.

As always there are plenty of great prizes on offer:

General Goods Merchants are offering: 3NM Scenario Runs, 3 Fast Elite Dungeon Runs, 2 Million Pax and 2 blue Signet Bags

Beyond the Veil are offering: An interview on the podcast, an in game BTV shirt, “Go to 11” in game title x5, “Derp” in-game title x3 and Innsmouth Academy in game shirt x3

ARGO is offering: A Character drawing from Taiver, 10 blue Signet bags, A Quetzal Pet, One of each Aug weapon skin kit and 50 blue Signet bags

The Praetorii are offering:  A SIGNET PACK: 1x[Signet of Benediction] (Epic), 1x[Signet of Corruption] (Epic), 1x[Signet of Detainment] (Epic), 1x[Signet of Opportunism] (Epic), 1x[Signet of Sadism] (Epic), 1x[Signet of Valour] (Epic), An AUGMENT PACK: 2x[Unattuned Brutal Augment Resonator], 2x[Unattuned Ferocious Augment Resonator], 2x[Unattuned Inspiring Augment Resonator], 2x[Unattuned Rampant Augment Resonator], A PET PACK: 1x[Lapis Mouser], 1x[Snowy Quetzel], 1x[Winter Wisp], A KAIDAN DROP PACK: 1x[AE Capacitor] (QL9), 1x[Ensorcelled Rebar], 1x[Nullity Sphere] and a RANDOM PACK: 1x[Delivering Ritual: A Shade of Dream], 1x[Focused Pigment] (Epic QL10), 3x[Glyph toolkit] (Epic QL10), 3x[Spoils of Niflheim]

And Agnito are offering:

Prize 1:Winner’s choice of 3 Purple signets and 1 aux weapon signet
1 signet from (violence, vigour, abuse, or sadism)
2 signets from (flux, shards, tomes, execution, shattering, distortion, cleaving, resilience, assassination)
Aux weapon signet choices: Tune, Imprint, Seal

Prize 2: 1 of each lair summon and 1 of each regional summon (killing all of them rewards the Lair Raider Jacket cosmetic)

Prize 3: Choice of 2 pets: Queztal Bird, Lapis Mouser, Feline Wraith, Snowy Queztal, Winter Wisp, Bloody Wolf, Yuletide Wolf, Red Cardinal
AND Grim Glamour Pack (20 Servant of Seven Death, 20 Xibalban Warrior, and 20 Xibalban)

Prize 4: 1 of each aux weapon mould (Sov-Tech, Corrupted, Orochi, and Demonic)

Prize 5: Augment Prize pack (fierce, ferocious, piercing, brutal, inspiring, solid, vexing, precise, restorative, blessed, restoring, safeguarding, impenetrable, draining, stalwart)

Now is the chance to show the world why You are TSW. The contest opens on the 11th and closes two weeks later on the 25th. Full information can be found here

Good luck 😉


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