Episode 6: The One With Spoilers

A word of warning this episode does contain SPOILERS. We tried our best, we really did but there’s so much awesome stuff in Issue 11 we couldn’t help ourselves. When we weren’t ruining the experience for everyone else we discussed the #IAMTSW contest and Sanctuary’s next party (which also contains some spoilers).


#IAMTSW Handcrafted winners here

#IAMTSW The Event You Loved Round details here

The Final #IAMTSW round starts on Monday. More details on the “I Am” round can be found here

Eleron answered the questions that the community put forward in The AchiTexts. You can find them here

Scrivnomancer and Tilty did an interview with Beyond the Veil. You can find it in full here

Sanctuary held an AMA with Glaucon, you can find his answers on the forums here

We’re looking for writers. Feel free to get in touch by emailing us at info@thesecretpodcast.co.uk


Radio Free Gaia here

Gridstream here

MNRP info here

Otterdown (spelled correctly 😉 ) Stream here and website here

Sanctuary Event: Where Angels Fear to Tread in the Crusades, on Friday 15th May, starting at 2000 GMT More information here

You can download the podcast here or get it straight to your apple device here (we’re still waiting on approval from other services).

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