Mounts Coming to The Secret World

We’ve been running around The Secret World for almost three years now and we’ve been asking for another form of travel since the day we first set foot into Agartha.

Well it looks like we may finally get the chance to rest our feet as today Tilty and Scriv teased us with a look at a new mount that’s in development as part of their new Developer Live-stream.



As you can imagine many players are excited at the prospect of a new form of transport although there’s not much information yet if this picture is anything to go by we may not have to wait too long.

So get your engines revving. I know I’m looking forward to tearing up the roads of Kingsmouth on my Harley. 😀


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The #IAMTSW Combat Round Winners

Another round has come to a close. What started out as pure PvP soon became something much bigger and quickly encompassed all things combat related.  And now the winners have been announced.


It wasn’t easy. The PvP community are a passionate bunch and even after the round was opened up there were plenty of PvP only submissions.

Funcom chose Powerhouse with his in-depth explanation of PvP and how he plays.


TSWDB chose MKUltra with this training montage


Nine Swords chose Greymarch with this entry


Vigiles Nocturni has chosen Wodrith


CZSK has picked Kreuzritter with this entry

Congratulations to all who took part and especially to those who won.

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