Episode 7: Streams and Wings

This week Auroris takes the lead, we discuss streams, mounts and wings which may sound like an odd combination but trust us makes sense. Really.


#IAMTSW Combat round winners announced. All the videos are here

The Event You Loved round of #IAMTSW closes on Monday the 18th.  You can find all the info here

The I Am round of #IAMTSW opened this week. It’s open until the 25th of May and you can find out more here

Otterdown ran Issue 11 with Scrivonmancer you can see the whole stream here

Sanctuary held a Event in-game which culminated with everyone unleashing their Ultimate Abilities in the Crusades. Otterdown streamed the whole thing you can find it here

The Streaming Ones is a new regular stream with Scrivonmancer and Tilty. This week they ran The tower section of Issue 11 giving players an insight into the development process and Tility’s inability to beat AIMEE 😉 You can watch the whole stream here

One of the announcements on the stream was Mounts coming soon™ to the game in an update. There’s more information here


Radio Free Gaia here and Gridstream here

MNRP info here

Otterdown streaming here and you can visit their site here

The Streaming Ones will be here (stay tuned to the official forums or here for confirmed dates)

You can download the Podcast directly here or subscribe on itunes here or Sticher here

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Gridstream Celebrates 13 Years With a Contest

Wow, thirteen years? We really should have sent a cake or at the very least a card. Still Gridstream Productions isn’t holding a grudge and they’ve come up with an ingenious contest to show how much they care.


Called [Make a thing] TSW Edition, you are tasked with creating an entirely new thing you would like to see in TSW. From creature to zone and everything in between the limit is your imagination.

Full details are available here and the contest runs until the 22nd May 2015.

Thanks to BTV for the heads up.

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