All the Event You Loved Winners in One Place

Update: I was a little over eager to get the info out. As you can see this is not a list of the I Am winners but The Event You Loved Round. I’ve changed the title to reflect that. Sorry for any confusion.

The penultimate round of #IAMTSW was quite impressive with entries from some unlikely places. But there could only be a few winners in the Event You Loved Round. And they brought back a flood of memories…


Winning the Funcom Prize Aeloth told us about his love of Fashion shows.


(There are more images here)


Winning the Ordo Obscurus Prize Chestielarue took us back to #FilthFightingFridays


(More of the awesome hash-tag here)


Otterdown chose Oneiropolos who reminded us of the events in the Twitterverse.


(You can see more from the Twitterverse here)


The Illumination chose Jeeva who not only showed us about the fun times she’s had with her cabal in RL but also explains why #IAMTSW is her favourite event.

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who took part. There was a lot to choose from and it was always going to be tough to choose your favourite round.

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Show the world why you are TSW with some hints and tips.

We’re well into the final round of #IAMTSW and this round asks a lot. But so far the community has surprised us with amazing creations time and time again. So what does the I Am round actually involve?


In its most basic form it needs a three minute video showing why you are TSW. It doesn’t need to have major production values. Unlike previous rounds you can also use previously published works (so pictures you’ve tweeted or art you have drawn or a memorable stream for example).

If finding the right tools to create the video is what’s holding you back I have a few suggestions. By far the easiest method of creating video content is by using your mobile phone. Of course if you are wanting to record your game-play it is not ideal but almost everyone has access to a mobile phone now and with a bit of imagination you don’t even need to show your face (if you are worried about such things) as RP is fine here.

Another method is to record footage directly from the game and edit it together. There are lots of apps that you can download for free (some you may already have and not realise if you use apps like Raptr or Nvidia) that will allow you to make a recording directly to your hard drive. Personally I use Xsplit Gamecaster which recently removed watermarks and is easy to use (although other software is available 😉 )


Are you a streamer and are particularly proud of your death to kill ratio (for me it’s something akin to 10-1) then show off some of your streams highlights. As long as you can fit them into three minutes you’re good.

As for editing your video, well I must be honest, I am no good with editing. In fact I timed my entry and recorded it directly to fit the limit (so many takes). However many people recommend Windows Movie Maker and again some streaming/recording software comes with built in editing tools.

Once you’ve finally got your masterpiece ready it’s time to get it uploaded to the internet. The most popular site is obviously YouTube but Vimeo is another option. As long as people can view the content you’ll be good.

I know what you’re thinking… This all seems like a lot of work. Well stop that right now. Firstly, nothing is a lot of work for this community. We’ve solved cryptic riddles, we’ve created masterpieces, we’ve hassled the Polaris shipping company in real life because we thought it may be ARG related (poor guys they weren’t to know they were carrying a Ur-Draug). This is our time to show everyone why TSW is amazing and why we are TSW. And if that isn’t enough there are of course many, many prizes on offer (just check out this list here). Heck there’s even an in-game tee just for taking part. So show the world why you are TSW. It’s time to shine.

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