Episode 8: Parties and Bounties

This week on The Secret Podcast we discuss the winners of the #IAMTSW Event you Loved round, the addition of Bounty Hunters to The Secret World and look at some of the changes to The Lower World website.


The Event you loved round of #IAMTSW winners and info here

The I Am #IAMSW round closes Monday 25th. You can find more info here as well as some useful tips here

Bounty Hunters began appearing in TSW after the restart. You can read the thread on the forums here

The Lower World has had a site redesign. You can visit them here


MNRP looks set to go ahead you can find more info here

Radio Free Gaia can be found here

Gridstream can be found here info about this weeks events can be found on their calendar.

Otterdown will be streaming all week you can watch them here and don’t forget to visit their site for more info here

Banewreaker will also be streaming throughout the week. You can watch him here

The Streaming Ones the developer live stream with Scrivonmancer and Tilty will be on a fortnightly basis. You can watch it this Friday here

As always you can download the podcast directly from here or get through most podcast apps. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @TSW_Podcast to keep up to date with all things TSW and feel free to drop us a line at info@thesecretpodcast.co.uk

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