Tilty Teases New Mini Dungeon & More Sprint Details

Well Tilty is certainly earning the “Tiltease” title. Today he decided to put to rest the rumors about the sprint upgrade and drop some extra info about dungeons.


First up was mention of a new mini dungeon which will take place in the penthouse of the tower. Featuring Uta in particular this will have its own challenges and will help players prepare for the upcoming dungeon. 

But of course the topic we’ve all been waiting for was the sprint upgrades. Introducing sprint V and VI players will get to choose how the game handles how they sprint. Similar to the current pet inventory all the current sprints will be there as well as vehicles like the bike and a hinted at Back to the Future type vehicle. Finally there will be an Extraordinary section which will hold vehicles that can be used in PvP and Agartha. The bike hinted at previously will be available soon as part of a mission from Moose.

But that isn’t all. A new achievement vendor will be visiting London . They will have various rewards based on the amount of achievement points you have. And you’ll also be able to get back old items that were one time use (like Inbeda’s mould).

Even better. This is all planned to drop next week…

Full information can be found here

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It’s time to pick your next ArchiText

The Secret World community is always looking for answers and thankfully has found an interesting way to share them with us.

The ArchiTexts Questions and Answers was set up to give us a chance to ask the burning questions that had been eating away at us. But before we get all our questions ready we first need to choose who our  victim sorry next developer will be to face the community.


Lined up this time we have:

Flakked: Flakked is the environmental artist who is responsible for lighting play-fields and instances and works with the content team to make sure the atmosphere is right.

Tilty: Tilty is the lead designer and is probably the most well known of the developer to face the inquisition so far. He leads the creative team and helps to create innovative new content as well as designing new features.

Nophex: Is the Executive Producer. He’s responsible for the budget, the schedule and making sure that things get done on time and to budget.

So there are some big hitters here so think carefully before you vote. The vote ends on Thursday afternoon and you can find all the information here.

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