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All the I Am winners in one place

It’s been a long and interesting journey and today saw the winners of the final round of #IAMTSW announced. The quality of the entries was extremely high (it was in all the rounds if I’m honest) but someone had to win.


Winning the Funcom prize Chihaya86 showed us just how much time and effort she has put into making this game fun for everyone.


Praetorii chose Thesawolf as their winner with his message about some of the eerie things that he’s encountered in TSW


Agnitio has chosen Melycinya with some amazing Lore.

Winning the Beyond the Veil prize was Wodrith with a brilliant tale about Jack and some hitherto unknown pumpkin powers.


Argo chose Freymarch who put together a brilliant montage containing their various characters.

Congratulations to all who won and everyone who took part. I’ll be updating this post with the winner as they are announced.

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May’s Development Update is Here

Sezmra may not have been on the live stream but she was still working behind the scenes to prepare something for us.


The May monthly development update is here and wile a lot of the information is fairly common knowledge it’s still had some nice information about the upcoming mini-dungeon.

You can find the whole post here

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Dj Psy Takes On Temple Hall. 

It all started out so innocently. A tweet during her Thursday evening show asking if Temple Hall had approved her request for a motor bike has become something much bigger. 

Using the hashtag #IWantSonnacPsy to encourage Sonnnac to come out and play Psy even promised to stand watch at Temple Hall for 8 hours to prove her point. 

Needless to say they took her at her wood and she is taking up her station today from 6Am BST. 

With the help of some trusty ottors and friends it may not be so bad. So come join her and keep her company. 

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