Episode 13

This week we take a look at The Streaming Ones, Auroris blames Santa Claus and we have a look at the upcoming Anniversary.


The Streaming Ones stream can be found here

Item of the Month results here

Tomuim hands over the blame and you can suggest new people here but in the meantime feel free to #blamekle


  • FiveAlive2 here
  • Survivor Tracker here
  • Simple Scenario Console here


MNRP here

Illuminati 4th of July Social info here

Radio Free Gaia here

Gridstream here

  • 3rd Anniversary Party Info here
  • 4th of July info here

Otters Stream here and site here

Bane stream here

As usual you can download the show directly here or subscribe on iTunes here or Sticher here.  If we’ve missed anything get in touch with us using our contact page or on Twitter @TSW_Podcast, Facebook or by emailing info@thesecretpodcast.co.uk

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The Streaming Ones Take You Back To The 70s

The Streaming Ones returned for another glimpse behind the curtain and as usual they did not fail to disappoint.

Taking a look behind The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn there was more than just breaking the fourth wall on offer this time around.


They’ve been hard at work trying to improve the Anniversary event which begins on July 3rd. As usual the Golems return but don’t worry hopefully you won’t be seeing the slideshow you’ve been used to. One way they are planning to do this is by reducing the number of players per golem to allow less chance of lag, they are also reducing the health of the Golems slightly to adjust for fewer players in each instance. In theory you shouldn’t notice a difference other then a more fluid experience.


With each event comes a new bag and the third year anniversary is no different. This bag has a 70s theme with new outfits, a lava lamp pet and a mystery bike (which looks like it has been stolen straight out of the hands of Scooby Doo). The bike will be a rare drop from the bags but will also be tradable. The party bags will also contain an achievement related dance called The Hitman Lean which is awarded for opening the party bag with ten other players around.


Tilty also gave us an insight about what was coming up next stream where they will be discussing the Dungeon in Issue 12  and with someone who isn’t Scriv!

You can catch up with the whole stream over on Funcom’s official Twitch Channel here

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August’s Item of the Month Has Been Chosen

After many suggestions and even more votes the winner has finally been chosen. After much heated discussion The Faction Jewellery/ Necklaces won the poll and will be heading to the item store for subscribers and Grandmasters in August.

Screenshot 2015-05-01 16.44.34


Don’t be too worried if your choice didn’t make it. In previous years we’ve seen other items appear throughout the year so it may still appear in game.

You can see the full poll results here

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Episode 12

In this weeks episode Auroris attempts to offend everyone, I try to figure out invisible Lore, we discuss Tilty on MassivlyOP and Tomium gets not blamed.


Item of the Month Vote is here

Nophex ArchiText answers here

Here is Tomium’s #IAMTSW Look back video

Scrivonmancer’s Tweet

The Launch Trailer has an Expiration Date. The discussion thread is here The Link to a downloadable version of the trailer from  Funcom is here and here is Claretta2’s take on it

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G42NtrBm1hY]

Tilty sat down with MassivlyOP to discuss TSW and mounts. You can read the full interview here

Monday Night Roleplay information can be found here

Radio Free Gaia can be found here

Gridstream can be found here

The Otters can be found flailing here and thier site containing much randomness is here

Bane is twitching all week here and will be drawing a TSW NPC chosen by viewers. More details can be found here

The Streaming Ones will be back on Friday at 8Pm BST you can find them here

As always if we’ve missed anything feel free to get in touch using our contact page or on twitter @TSW_Podcast and we also have a Facebook Page here

You can download the full show here, you can subscribe on iTunes here, Stitcher here and lybsin here

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Nophex Answers Your Questions in the Architexts

We asked and Nophex answered. In this latest instalment of The Archtexts the community chose to question the Executive Producer no less and as usual there were plenty of answers.   


You can find the full list of answers here. Many thanks to Nophex for taking the time to answer the questions. 

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