A Bike, Some Trinkets and A Nightmare Penthouse.

The Secret World is almost three years old and the team at Funcom never cease to surprise us. Today marked a day that many believed would never arrive but it’s not just the day that mounts arrived in TSW. No this update brought a lot more.

But lets get the elephant out of the room first. Update 1.11.3 introduced an increase in speed for our characters. There are two ways that you can obtain this. Firstly by achieving Faction Rank 13 and purchasing Quickened Anima V and VI from your Faction’s Advanced Faction Fixer or you get them as part of the mission pack that grants you the new bike mount from the Item Store.


mooseYou see it turns out that Moose has been tinkering and he has an old bike he’s been working on. With a few parts it might be just the thing you need to go riding off into the sunset. At first it can seem that the bike is a little slow as you leave the station but you have to remember that it’s still missing a few parts. After after a root around Kingsmouth and few a salvaged pieces later, its back in working order and the nitro boost helps to give it an added kick. You can use it anywhere in the open world although buildings, instances, dungeons and scenarios are all excluded and you’ll return to your default sprint.


As if the bike wasn’t enough there are also additional ways of customising your sprint. Two customisations can be purchased from the Item Store and one can be gained from an achievement. How you use the sprint is up to you. If you always want to use the bike (where you can) you can set it to your default in the Sprint Inventory window, it’s the new tab next in the Pet Inventory. Or you can just have the game randomly select one for you each time you select sprint.

But while the bike may have got a lot of the attention this update also brought some other cool features.

A new face has appeared in the three faction cities. Doctor Caligari has a variety of new trinkets and goodies on offer to people who have earned enough Achievement Points.


Ranging from very trinkets that could help turn the tide of battle to more cosmetic items like clothing and pets there’s plenty here and you don’t loose your points by buying anything, the Achievement Points are just used to decided what items you have access to.

The other thing that this update brought us was the Nightmare version of the Penthouse that came with Issue 11. While I have not been there myself (I have to admit I have yet to complete the Gatekeeper). I am reliably informed that it is extremely difficult with explosions, a whole new side to Flappy and a DPS race to save yourself against a tide of filth. I can only post this image from The Streaming Ones to give you an idea of what I mean. This version of the Penthouse also promises to give us more information about Uta in the form of Lore.


Of course this wouldn’t be an update without a little something extra. There’s a new plaque in Eldwic Park. It has some very familiar names on it. Especially if you have been following the #IAMTSW contest.


I think it’s a really cool way of rewarding the groups who willingly donated prizes to an event when they had no idea what it was or what was involved. They are TSW and without their involvement the contest wouldn’t have been as big as it was.

So over all this is a great update. The mission is a nice touch and it’s always great to see old faces again and finding a use for those achievement points is great (must get pet). Even better if you aren’t fussed about the bike you can still get the sprint upgrades in game using pax. So if you need me I’ll be making doughnut shaped holes on the tarmac outside Temple Hall.

You can get the Mission Pack in-game from the item store or you can have it ready and waiting for you by heading to the store now here

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