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Episode 10: The Episode That Never Ends

In our longest podcast to date we discuss bikes in The Secret World, withdrawn keys, official and unofficial Twitter activity and #IAMTSW goings on.

Thesawolf won the Grand Prize in the #IAMTSW contest. Netting himself a custom forum title and Grandmaster pack (among other things) you can find his contributions here.

Patch 1.11.3 was released bringing sprint upgrades, an achievement vendor and a nightmare version of the Penthouse fight in Issue 11. You can read our take on the issue here.

Funcom included a new statue in Eldwic Park to commemorate the cabals and organisations who helped contribute towards #IAMTSW. You can find more in this thread

A new Item Of The Month was released. The Hexers Soccor Jersey. You can find out more here.

Steam keys were recalled recently. This is mostly due to third party resellers who may appear to be legitimate cancelling the keys or autogenrating them meaning that Funcom never actually received any money. The advice is to contact CIstomer Service through http://www.thesecretworld.com/support who are dealing with each situation on a case by case basis. Also to contact the seller and ask for a refund/new key. Your characters and progress won’t be lost if you get a new key as CS can just apply it to your existing account. You can read the official statement here.

Beyond the Veil interviewed Tilty on Thursday. There were a lot of questions. You can see the full interview on their twitch channel here or catch their podcast from their website  here or on iTunes.

The Official Funcom Twitterverse characters have been tweeting again. Follow Danny katanaguyissue1, Carter Innsmouth66, Said PrunePrince , Nassir BoomBoom_Man, Sonnac RichardSonnac and Kirsten Geary CorporateBlues  for  in character fun as well as @The_Buzzing. In the past there have been prizes for participation.

The Illuminati now have a Twitter account similar to @Temple_Hall  and @Unknown_Pattern for the Dragon. Follow @Authority_Blue for the latest on team blue.

New global chat channel The Farmers Market join by typing /chat join FarmersMarket there’s more info here


Radio Free Gaia here Gridstream Productions here

MNRP as usual. You can find the more info here

TICM has been postponed until the 16th of June. There’s more info here

The Streaming Ones Friday 12th June 7pm BST (time may vary keep an eye on the Official Funcom Twitter at @funcom_tsw for more info) you can watch the stream live here

The Otters stream here and you can find their site here

Bane is also streaming throughout the week you can find him here

As always you can get in touch with us by emailing us at info@thesecretpodcast.co.uk or on twitter @TSW_Podcast as well as Facebook here

Don’t forget you can download the show straight to your apple device here or by heading to this link directly to get it yourself.

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