All The Content In One Ultimate Edition

Season One of The Secret World is over and while we still real in the revelations Funcom have been hard at work.

Today they announced The Ultimate Edition. Complete with all the current content as well as a set of starter weapons and an exclusive outfit. If you have been waiting to pick up the content or have yet to dip in this is the pack for you.

Priced at just £35 (that price may vary if you don’t own any packs) it also includes an extra copy of the game to give away to a friend as well as SP boost and AP boosts.

You can read the full announcement here

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It’s Your Chance To Create The Item of the Month 

The item of the month has away thrown up some interesting things. From sports jackets to Orochi drones and everything inbetween.


And needless to say there are plenty of requests. Around this time each year Funcom has approached the forums to asked the community what it wants to see for the months going forward. And this month is no different. 

It’s your chance to choose August’s Item of the Month. From wacky to deadly serious all suggestions are welcome (although the usual T&Cs apply) and it’s a great chance to see your creation in-game.

Full info can be found here You have until the 15th to get your suggestions in.

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