Episode 17

This week in The Secret Podcast we discuss the Streaming Ones who didn’t and discuss Advertising which isn’t in a new (as yet unnamed segment).

If you don’t want to know how many twitter accounts Kle controls then you may want to skip this weeks outtakes. We did remove some of the unknown ones so you will notice the total doesn’t quite add up if you’re counting along at home.


The Streaming Ones can be found here when they do stream

Advertising Discussion

The Launch Trailer (may be withdrawn at any time expires end of June not July as Kle said in the show)

The End of Days videos as part of the Buy to Play transition.



The Streaming Ones – twitch.tv/funcomofficial |  Twitter @funcom_tsw

Otterdown – twitch.tv/jennettsw | Twitter  @Otterdown or @JennisonEdwards | Website  otterromp.com

Banewreaker – twitch.tv/banewreaker | Twitter @Banewreaker

The Spy Girl – twitch.tv/djpsywarrior | Twitter @DJPsywarrior




Radio Free Gaia – radiofreegaia.com | @radiofreegaia

Gridstream Productions – gridstream.org | @gridstream

As always you can download the show directly from here or subscribe on iTunes here and Stitcher here Don’t forget you can get in touch by emailing info@thesecretpodcast.co.uk or through our contact page

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Unforseen Circumstances

Due to unforseen real-life issues, completion and release of the latest episode of the podcast has been delayed. We hope to have it completed and released for you as soon as possible, but we cannot right now say when that is going to be. Our apologies for the delay to your entertainment.

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Episode 15

This week’s episode of The Secret Podcast is extremely long but Tilty has been on overdrive with his Tilteasing so we had a lot to catch up on. We discuss Issue 12, money and how we plan to hijack our winner’s Art Print.


Beyond The Veil- Steam can be found here

The Streaming Ones here

The winner of The Signed Art Print is Hesket you can find more details here

Radio Free Gaia Art Contest details can be found here and closes Wednesday


The Anniversary Event Ends Wednesday 15th More info here

Radio Free Gaia can be found here

Gridstream can be found here

The Otters can be found on Twitch here and you can find their site here

Bane will be streaming here

DJPsywarrior will be streaming here

MNRP/TICM info here

As always you if we missed anything (and we actually cut quite a lot) feel free to get in touch via the contact page or by emailing info@thesecretpodcast.co.uk. You can get the podcast directly to your apple device here, Stictcher here or directly here

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Signed Art Winner!

On last week’s podcast, we announced a screenshot competition to win a TSW art print, signed by Tilty & Scrivnomancer.

Well, we got plenty of entries, and we struggled for several seconds to pick the winner. But, against all odds, we managed it.

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The Streaming Ones: Issue 12

Today’s episode of The Streaming Ones was a reveal of epic proportions. There’s so much new and updated stuff to tell you about, so here are some highlights for you to enjoy. You can see the full stream here (thanks Xexanos).

Issue 12 Cover


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