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New Item of the Month and Anniversary Tee

It’s the first of July so you know what that means. But this month it’s not just Subscribers and Grandmasters who get in on the free stuff. There’s also a some Anniversary loot up for grabs too.

First up we have the Subscriber/GM item. The Elite Night-vision Goggles.










To help everyone celebrate in Style all members all being given an Anniversary Flare Gun







And a third Anniversary Tee










You can get all of these in-game via the item shop or have them ready and waiting for you by accessing the store here

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Celebrate The Third Anniversary With Extra Bonuses

There’s more on offer this week in the Anniversary. It’s not just grab bags and Golems.

Although the event goes on for a fortnight it seems someone may have been at the cylindrical cigarettes at Funcom and has turned on all the boosts. Not just one or two. ALL THE BOOSTS.

  • Double AP
  • Extra Black Bullion
  • 50% more Aureus of Initiation
  • 50% more rewards in PvP
  • 50% extra AEGIS experiance

Wait that isn’t enough? Well they are also offering one of the biggest give always for recruiting people. You’ll get a free month of membership and a free part bag. Everyone has been given ten extra keys to share with friends. So get out there and share the goodwill.

You can find full information here

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The Anniversary Begins With A Special Surprise 

Happy Third Anniversary Everyone. Grab the drinks. Pull up a chair. Kill a Golem. The party has officially started.

But the patch that kicked off the Anniversary also had a few hidden surprises that nobody expected. Among all the Golems and party bags we found a new Elite version of the Penthouse mini-dungeon had been added.

Opening up the dungeon to players who haven’t beaten the Gatekeeper yet is a great way to help people who are still trying to build their characters.

At the moment it’s still to early to know what drops in the dungeon or if the Uta lore is available but only time will tell. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some bunnies to kill.

You can find the full update notes here

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June’s Monthly Development Update

With the third Anniversary beginning today it was no surprise when Sezmra released the Monthly Development Update yesterday. Mostly covering the Anniversary it also had issue 12 updates and unexpected raid information.


The Anniversary will bring back all your favourite (or maybe not so favorite depending on your view) Guardians of Gaia and with the changes put in place this time they will hopefully have left their friends Lag at home. There will also be a 70s themed party bag as announced on The Streaming Ones which will see new clothing, a lava lamp pet, a tradable bike skin and a new dance The Hitman Lean (or Smooth Criminal). The Event starts on the 1st of July and ends on the 15th so there will be plenty of time to get those Golems and elusive bikes.

We also discovered a little more about the issue 12 dungeon. Taking place in a manufacturing plant underneath the Orochi Tower it will have 3 mini-bosses and 3 full bosses. We will also see some returning faces for the dungeons story too.

In unexpected news keys will no longer be needed for the Eidolon raids. That doesn’t mean that the keys will be useless. The letter hints at upcoming changes to the lairs which will be revealed soon™

As always you can read the full letter here. Until then we look forward to seeing you at the nearest Golem.

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