The Currency Revamp Revealed

We all knew it was coming and last night Tilty took to the forums to tell us exactly how much our various currencies would be worth once issue 12 hits The Secret World later this month.

In case you missed the news from the last Streaming Ones it was announced that Issue 12 would see all currencies converted to Black Bullion and a new End Game currency (Mark of the Pantheon) introduced.

With the introduction of the new Black Bullion there is also the introduction of a currency cap. Which is one of the reason for this announcement. Non-Subscribers will be able to collect 2000 Bullion and Subscribers and GMs will be able to collect an extra 400 bringing them up to 2400.

So what happens to any Bullion over the limit when the conversion takes place? If you find yourself with extra Bullion after all your tokens have been converted then you will be given a whopping 200 Pax for each Black Bullion. So now really is the time to spend your tokens if you want to get the most for your money and aren’t that fussed about Pax.

A full list of how much each currency will be worth when the conversion happens can be found below.


You can find the full forum post here

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