Forum Merge

In a couple of weeks time you’ll notice a little bit of a change over at the Official Secret World Forums.

Today Sezmra announced that the German and French forums were being merged with the English ones to help make it easier for moderators and players to navigate.
Given that many of the French and German users frequent the English forums anyway this move doesn’t come as much of a surprise, especially as German and French forums have been notified in advance.

From 17th August two new sub forums will appear, one for each language. In addition the dimension forums are also being removed. Given that TSW uses single server technology and your choice of server doesn’t stop you from playing with your friends these forums have been fairly dormant for some time.

So welcome to our French and German player. It’s nice to have everyone in one place (even if you have probably been here all along and spelling things much better than I do).

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Episode 19

In this episode we discuss the ArchiTexts, Currency Conversion and generally get derailed in spectacular fashion. So everything is as usual here at The Secret Podcast.


ArchiTexts can be found here (thread now locked)

Currency Conversion announcement and discussion thread here




As always feel free to get in touch with discussion ideas, complaints about Auroris and suggestions on our contact page or by emailing us info@thesecretpodcast.co.uk. We are also on Twitter @TSW_Podcast and Facebook here.

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