Episode 16

Originally recorded back on the 19th July 2015 when Auroris was on holiday. In this episode of The Secret Podcast guest hosts Psywarrior and Hesket join Kle to discuss Issue 12, Selfies and well everything else…

As this episode doesn’t contain any specific discussion topics and is more of a general discussion there won’t be any show notes or links aside from these two for people who are curious about Kle and Hesket’s OOC Selfies.

Kle’s OOC Selfie here

Hesket’s OOC Selfie here

You can download the show directly here as well as from all the usual places. Apologies for the delay and thanks to Hesket and Psywarrior for joining me.

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Discussion: Episode 20

This week, we’ll be talking about all things streaming for our discussion. We’ll be discussing the streams themselves, the streamers, and the community; as well as anything else we come up with.

We want your thoughts too though. So whether you’re a streamer yourself, or watch a lot of streams, or perhaps are interested in becoming a streamer, let us know your thoughts and ideas, and we’ll cover as much as we can.

You can send us your thoughts either through Twitter, by emailing info@thesecretpodcast.co.uk, or by going to the Contact Us page. We’ll be needing all your feedback by 7pm GMT, which will be when the Streaming Ones starts. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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