Issue 12 Content and Release Date Announced

Ahead of The Streaming Ones Funcom gave us some new details about what to expect into Issue 12 as well as when we can expect to see it go live.


In the post (which you can find here) we are told that we can expect Issue 12 next week. When it goes live there will be plenty of content too.

The Challenge Window will be available to all players with Daily and Weekly challenges and a new interface to help you keep track of completed challenges.

You’ll also have access to the new dungeon The Manufactory as which will give us an insight into what is going on beneath the Orochi Tower.

Not content with a dungeon? Then why not try out both of the new raids, The Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen (flappy) as well as the Eidolon of the Outer Dark.

There will also be three new world bosses for players to take down (golem style) and each will have its own unique challenge. The Abyssopelagic Horror in the Savage Coast, Kenememti the Fear Eater in the Scorched Desert and Bunica Padurii in the Shadowy Forest. With Epic Signets on offer for those who summon it and rewards for all who participate these are well worth taking on.

The Social Window will also be introduced seeing a complete overhaul of the LFG tool you’ll now be able to use it for all aspects of the game from RP to Scenarios and everything in-between.

And of course Issue 12 will be see the introduction of the new Black Bullion and related currency cap. You can find more information about that here.


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