The Streaming Ones: Episode 6

Tonight’s episode of The Streaming Ones gave us lots of information about the upcoming Issue 12. We’ve got a nice summary below.

This episode features Tilty and Mags, also known as Anonymous Systems Guy.

We got a preview of one of the bosses in the new dungeon, and Tilty showed off some of his dev friends slaughtering one of the bosses. We don’t want to spoil too much about this here, you’ll just have to wait and find out when the issue releases.

Challenges are being introduced, and we now know what they will entail. There will be daily challenges, which will have a mission challenge, a dungeon challenge, a scenario challenge, and a PvP challenge. The specifics of these will change each day. There will also be weekly challenges, which will stay the same, but will reset every Tuesday.

Tilty confirmed that Black Bullion would be useable to buy pretty much everything in the game. The new tokens, Marks of the Pantheon, will be used to buy the new highest end stuff. The Pantheons will have a total cap of 600, and a weekly cap of 240, which will reset on Tuesdays at the same time as the weekly challenges. The devs has also considered the extensive feedback on the forums, and BB over the cap will now be converted at a rate of 1BB > 400 pax.

PvP changes have been implemented, including the improved Equal Footing buff, and PvP sidemissions. These sidemissions will be rated from Simple, to Moderate, to Complex, with these hardest missions rewarding MotP. Players will now get kill credit for being in proximity to a kill, making it much easier for healers to get credits.

Tilty called back his dev-friends to help him take down one of the new lair world bosses. These bosses will require at least 8 people to summon, but then everyone who wants to can join in for loot.

We saw what the social window will be looking like, and it will have lots of different options for stuff to do, as well as a freetext box for your comments about what you’re doing, and filters to easily find what you want.

The new Flappy raid has been getting tested and so far, it’s been reported as too easy. So they’ll be making that harder before it hits live. There will be an enrage timer, so you won’t have long to take it out.

There will be new cosmetics becoming available. There will be factional panoptic cores, as well as recolours of the Immaculate Carapace and the Mitsubachi uniforms. There will also be an Albino Draug Lord Puppies, as well as a Mech Scorpion from the Collector’s Edition.

Most importantly, we got an approximate release time of ‘Next Week’ for the issue. We’re guessing Wednesday, but anything can change.

Scrivnomancer will be rejoining Tilty on the next episode.

We’ll try and get some pictures in for you as soon as we can.


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