Episode 21

No guest hosts doesn’t stop us from talking as if our lives depended on it (they don’t depend on it right?). This week we discuss Tilty’s appearance on Beyond the Veil, Issue 12 and we do the Honorable thing.



Poplock’s video is below and we also used it as the outro of this week’s show. It seemed the honorable thing to do as it was a very Tiltycentric episode.

You can read the key points of Issue 12’s content here

The Dreamers Wake at TSW game by Claretta you can find out more here

Beyond the Veil had Tilty on their stream recently. You can see the entire stream here

Diamon Kiyota has joined the Twitterverse. You can find him @8Nine3


Cabal Pride information here

Saint and Sinners Art Competition info here


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