Episode 25

In this week’s episode of The Secret Podcast Kle manages to get things back into a semblance of order and we discuss Hoverboards, Talent shows and the Dreaded Lockbox.

Outtakes courtesy of Otterdown who were streaming while we had a brief break.

Notes and links to follow shortly.

You can download the show directly here

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Kat1 Challenge Takes Psywarrior to the Streets

DJPsywarrior is not a lady who does things by halves. Her latest video proves that without a doubt and Katarina1 may regret the day that they issued her a challenge.

It all started back when Psywarrior dared Tilty to do the Sprinkler dance on the Streaming Ones. When Tilty didn’t Kat1 decided to offer Psy a counter dare. A video of her doing the sprinkler herself in return for a pair of cat ears. A simple enough challenge on the surface of it.

Psywarrior however seized the opportunity to do something more. She took to the streets of her home town and interviewed people about their experiences of conspiracies and the supernatural in real life. She then asked them to join her in doing the Sprinkler. Dancers were rewarded with copies of the game and other goodies.

And she found plenty of willing participants. All with their own unique experiences to share and all more than willing to show off their dance skills.

There’s more to this than just getting people in the game though. Psywarrior is organising a charity drive within the TSW community in aid of the Malala Fund. The Fund was set up by Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai who was attacked by the Taliban in her home country for going to school. The fund aims to see that all women everywhere get an equal chance to access education. This video is just one of the ways Psywarrior is letting people know about her charity drive in which she hopes to get players and organisations to donate $10,000 by January the 1st.

You can find out more about Psy’s charity drive on her site here and you can find out more information about the Malala Fund here.

Our congratulations on completing the Kat1 challenge and we look forward to seeing your new cat ears at your next show.

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TSW Has Talent

Sanctuary has announced their latest event and they as usual they aren’t doing things by halves.

TSWs got talent

TSW’s Got Talent will bring together the best (and if the RL show is anything to go by the worst) The Secret World has to offer and pit them against each other to win the admiration of the audience. Oh and prizes too. Don’t forget the prizes.

There’s plenty of categories for you to get your teeth into so everyone should find something to whet their appetites. From poetry to singing and everything in between.

It looks to be a fun event even if you don’t fancy getting onstage and I look forward to seeing what people put together.

The show will take place in the Albion on the 17th of October at 8pm CEST and will also feature Dj’s from RFG. You can find full details of the event here.

Now where did I put my Romeo and Juliet?


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Episode 24

Six months. We have been producing episodes every week (more or less) for six months.  In that short time we have had amazing guests like Psywarrior, Hesket and of course Sezmra. We have also been given the chance to  give away artwork signed by the developers.

But we wouldn’t be here without our listeners. Without the support and advice from you we wouldn’t have got here. So after all the soppyness, you probably want to know what we have lined up for you? This week we discuss ArchiTexts, The Streaming Ones as well as looking at Otters doing marathons and Psywarrior’s new site.


ArchiTexts here

Cabal Pride was a huge success. Loads of cabals took part and plenty of prizes were given away. You can find a full list of prizes and cabals here

Otterdown are doing a mini marathon on the 26th to raise awareness of their Extra Life shenanigans. You can read all about it here

Psywarrior has set up a new site with information about her stream and her fundraising events for the Malala Foundation. You can find out more here.

The Streaming Ones happened on Friday. You can catch the full stream here

The Weekly Grind

We’ve finally chosen a name for our weekly discussion topic. If you have a better suggestion feel free to let us know. We are also looking for people who can represent their factions in a discussion about them (because neither Auroris or Kle are good representatives of their factions). Again get in touch here or on Twitter.


Saints & Sinners contest info here

TNRP returns. You can find out more about the new set up here



Don’t forget you can download the latest episode from iTunes here, Stitcher here and directly here. You can always get in touch with us by using our Contact Page, on Twitter @TSW_Podcast and on Facebook.


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Otters Prepare For Extra Life

You’ve seen them flailing around. You’ve watched as Jennet has truck after truck dropped on her. Now they are preparing for Extra Life as only the Otters can.


On Saturday the 26th Of September Team Otterdown will be taking to TSW and AO for 12 hours in preparation for the annual 24 hour gaming marathon that is Extra Life and they want you to be a part of it.

There will be chaos, death and general insanity as Jennet and the team become increasingly tired, all for your entertainment and to raise money for the kids.

Never heard of Extra Life? Don’t worry, Extra Life is a yearly gaming marathon where gamers across the world play for 24 hours to help raise money for children’s hospitals across America so that kids can get the lifesaving treatment they need. If you’re not in the US they’ve got you covered. They also have hospitals that carry out international work meaning your donations go to help kids who may not be able to get the treatment they need in their own countries. You can find out more about Extra Life here.

Team Otterdown will be streaming their warm up over on their twitch channel here and you can find their Extra Life profile here (feel free to donate). If you want to join their team just set up a profile and join. If you’ve got any suggestions for what Jennet and the Otters can do during their warm-up let them know by dropping them a line on the forums here.

We’re looking forward to this event (we always look forward to Jennet’s streams imagine what she’s going to be like after 12 hours and countless cups of coffee 😉 ) and helping the kids is even better.

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