The Architexts: Flakked Answers Your Questions.

Flakked has been busy with issue 12 but that didn’t stop them from answering the latest round of Architexts questions.


With pictures and at least one suggestion to poke Tilty this is one to check out if you’re curious about how the lighting and textures in TSW add to the game.

You can read all the answers here.

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Episode 23

This week Auroris shows off his new mic, we discuss outages, suits and (something we are not qualified to talk about) morality in TSW.


  • An Outage hit TSW players and other sites across the US booting some players from the servers. There hasn’t been any official statement but most players were able to get back into the game within about 45 mins.
  • The new item of the month is available for Subscribers and GMs. You can get the Zoot Suit in your faction’s colour from the item store in-game or from here
  • New Vendors were added to the game. You can find more details here
  • Visceru took to the Forums to explain the recent Agro changes. You can read the full post here


Cabal Pride

  • The 3rd annual Cabal Pride event is in Eldwic Park on Saturday 12th September, 1900 GMT – 2100 GMT.
  • Hosted by Nine Swords, organised by Katelin.
  • Sponsored by Gridstream Productions.
  • More information here

Saints & Sinners

  • 2nd annual S&S art competition.
  • Any medium of art is welcome.
  • Screenshots are requested to have at least some level of manipulation.
  • Theme: Dancing with the Damned.
  • Running for all of September.
  • 1200 FP to be awarded. You can find the full details here



As always you can get in touch with us through our contact page, on Twitter @TSW_Podcast or on Facebook. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here or Stitcher here as well as downloading the latest episode here

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