Otters Prepare For Extra Life

You’ve seen them flailing around. You’ve watched as Jennet has truck after truck dropped on her. Now they are preparing for Extra Life as only the Otters can.


On Saturday the 26th Of September Team Otterdown will be taking to TSW and AO for 12 hours in preparation for the annual 24 hour gaming marathon that is Extra Life and they want you to be a part of it.

There will be chaos, death and general insanity as Jennet and the team become increasingly tired, all for your entertainment and to raise money for the kids.

Never heard of Extra Life? Don’t worry, Extra Life is a yearly gaming marathon where gamers across the world play for 24 hours to help raise money for children’s hospitals across America so that kids can get the lifesaving treatment they need. If you’re not in the US they’ve got you covered. They also have hospitals that carry out international work meaning your donations go to help kids who may not be able to get the treatment they need in their own countries. You can find out more about Extra Life here.

Team Otterdown will be streaming their warm up over on their twitch channel here and you can find their Extra Life profile here (feel free to donate). If you want to join their team just set up a profile and join. If you’ve got any suggestions for what Jennet and the Otters can do during their warm-up let them know by dropping them a line on the forums here.

We’re looking forward to this event (we always look forward to Jennet’s streams imagine what she’s going to be like after 12 hours and countless cups of coffee 😉 ) and helping the kids is even better.

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