Episode 24

Six months. We have been producing episodes every week (more or less) for six months.  In that short time we have had amazing guests like Psywarrior, Hesket and of course Sezmra. We have also been given the chance to  give away artwork signed by the developers.

But we wouldn’t be here without our listeners. Without the support and advice from you we wouldn’t have got here. So after all the soppyness, you probably want to know what we have lined up for you? This week we discuss ArchiTexts, The Streaming Ones as well as looking at Otters doing marathons and Psywarrior’s new site.


ArchiTexts here

Cabal Pride was a huge success. Loads of cabals took part and plenty of prizes were given away. You can find a full list of prizes and cabals here

Otterdown are doing a mini marathon on the 26th to raise awareness of their Extra Life shenanigans. You can read all about it here

Psywarrior has set up a new site with information about her stream and her fundraising events for the Malala Foundation. You can find out more here.

The Streaming Ones happened on Friday. You can catch the full stream here

The Weekly Grind

We’ve finally chosen a name for our weekly discussion topic. If you have a better suggestion feel free to let us know. We are also looking for people who can represent their factions in a discussion about them (because neither Auroris or Kle are good representatives of their factions). Again get in touch here or on Twitter.


Saints & Sinners contest info here

TNRP returns. You can find out more about the new set up here



Don’t forget you can download the latest episode from iTunes here, Stitcher here and directly here. You can always get in touch with us by using our Contact Page, on Twitter @TSW_Podcast and on Facebook.


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