TSW Has Talent

Sanctuary has announced their latest event and they as usual they aren’t doing things by halves.

TSWs got talent

TSW’s Got Talent will bring together the best (and if the RL show is anything to go by the worst) The Secret World has to offer and pit them against each other to win the admiration of the audience. Oh and prizes too. Don’t forget the prizes.

There’s plenty of categories for you to get your teeth into so everyone should find something to whet their appetites. From poetry to singing and everything in between.

It looks to be a fun event even if you don’t fancy getting onstage and I look forward to seeing what people put together.

The show will take place in the Albion on the 17th of October at 8pm CEST and will also feature Dj’s from RFG. You can find full details of the event here.

Now where did I put my Romeo and Juliet?


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