Kat1 Challenge Takes Psywarrior to the Streets

DJPsywarrior is not a lady who does things by halves. Her latest video proves that without a doubt and Katarina1 may regret the day that they issued her a challenge.

It all started back when Psywarrior dared Tilty to do the Sprinkler dance on the Streaming Ones. When Tilty didn’t Kat1 decided to offer Psy a counter dare. A video of her doing the sprinkler herself in return for a pair of cat ears. A simple enough challenge on the surface of it.

Psywarrior however seized the opportunity to do something more. She took to the streets of her home town and interviewed people about their experiences of conspiracies and the supernatural in real life. She then asked them to join her in doing the Sprinkler. Dancers were rewarded with copies of the game and other goodies.

And she found plenty of willing participants. All with their own unique experiences to share and all more than willing to show off their dance skills.

There’s more to this than just getting people in the game though. Psywarrior is organising a charity drive within the TSW community in aid of the Malala Fund. The Fund was set up by Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai who was attacked by the Taliban in her home country for going to school. The fund aims to see that all women everywhere get an equal chance to access education. This video is just one of the ways Psywarrior is letting people know about her charity drive in which she hopes to get players and organisations to donate $10,000 by January the 1st.

You can find out more about Psy’s charity drive on her site here and you can find out more information about the Malala Fund here.

Our congratulations on completing the Kat1 challenge and we look forward to seeing your new cat ears at your next show.

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