Episode 29

This week we discuss Issue 12.5, The Park, Augments and why Kle’s Twitter account may not be safe for work.

Notes to follow shortly.

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Episode 28

We are back and yes you can #BlameKle (and Pamela too) but we have a new episode for you and it’s packed to the brim with Secret World related goodness.

This Week Auroris finally gets to do an intro, Kle discusses his character’s sex lives on Twitter and we take a look at Halloween and some of the great community events going on.


The Park: You can find out the latest at the website here The game is now available to pre-order and will be released on the 27th of October 2015

TSWMala Project. You can find our post here as well as the website here

The Streaming Ones: You can watch the whole stream here


Sanctuary AMA: Info here

Dark Days Writing Event: Info here 

Saint n Sinners Winners here

TSWDB Cost of Fashion: info here

TSW’s got Talent: Info here

TNRP info here



Radio Free Gaia – radiofreegaia.com | @radiofreegaia

Gridstream Productions – gridstream.org | @gridstream

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Why We Support the TSW Malala Project

The Secret Podcast was set up to bring you news and information from The Secret World. It’s a goal we are still working on but we are lucky, we have people who support us and help us along the way. We have a community who has our back and who are amazingly supportive and helps us along the way.

In our community we think nothing of helping others learn new skills. From teaching people how to get the hang of the chat commands or the most effective tactics to take down the Machine Tyrant we are always willing to teach and learn.


Sadly for many that is not an option. There are many young women who are unable to get even the most basic education. Sometimes it’s a case of money, for others the situation is more complex. In the worst case scenarios young women are targeted and attacked for trying to gain access to the education we take for granted.

We could reel off a bunch of statistics which would make your head spin. They certainly made ours spin. But what you really need to know is this. No matter who you are, or where you are from, everyone deserves a right to an education. Everyone deserves the chance to learn in a place that is safe and secure without having to worry about whether or not they are putting themselves and their family at risk. The sad thing is that for many young women this is not possible.

You may be wondering at this point what can I do? You can do so much it’s unbelievable. For just $6 (around £4) you can help buy school equipment for a girl for a year. Seriously, that makes a huge difference. Just think how far you would have got without school equipment. But the more money we raise the more that the fund can do, from providing safe spaces for women to go to school to ensuring that teachers are able to teach there. Everything helps.

Even if you aren’t able to donate you can still help. Share details of the campaign with people you know. Tweet out a message of support with a link to the fund-raising site or post it on Facebook. The more people who see the campaign and the more people who become aware of Malala’s story the more chance of our voices being heard.

When DJPsywarrior approached us and asked us to join her in her campaign for the Malala Fund we jumped at the opportunity. Psywarrior has been such an inspiration to us that being able to help out, even a little, seemed like the very least we could do. We, as a community can make a difference. We have done it before and we will do it again. So please join us in this campaign. Together we can help make sure that every person gets the education they deserve.

You can find out about the TSWMalala campaign at tswproject.org and you can join our fund-raising team here

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Your Spooky Stories Could Win You Prizes

It’s October and Halloween is just a stonesthrow away. That can only mean one thing. Spooky Stories. And that’s just what this latest contest has in mind.


Gin “Jingi” Synrio is running the Dark Days Writing Event throughout the whole of October there are two categories. A two sentence story category which lets you tell your tale in the smallest horror nugget possible and a short story category allowing for up to 1000 words.

Oh and did we mention that we will be one of the teams judging the stories? Because we are really looking forward to seeing what everyone has in store for us.

There are plenty of ways to get involved and you can find out the full details (including prizes and contact information) here.

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October Item of the Month

Great Scott they’ve done it. The item of the month fits nicely with our new hoverboards and just in time too.

back in time

The Back in Time Vest pays homage to the Back to the Future franchise which made the hoverboard famous. You can pick it up now in the store if you are a GM or a Subscriber.

Can’t get in game right away? Use the web store here

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